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Sansa/Tyrion is my otp and I’ll go down with this ship. If they are not the endgame I’ll die :D

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Anonymous asked
Hi! I was wondering if you could direct me to any essays that explain why Tyrion & Sansa are compatible with each other? The thing is, I'd like to ship it, b/c I love both characters and I think it'll be endgame. But I have a problem buying into the idea that they're romantically compatible; they seem to be on such vastly different wavelengths. So I'm interested in reading essays/meta from people who may have picked up on something I haven't. Can you help me out? I'd really appreciate it. :)

Thank you for your thoughts :)

Unfortunately I can’t think of a post I could direct you to…
BUT I plan to write something about it myself. I’ll definitely do it in the following days and will post it here, open for discussions. Keep track on the “Sansa Stark” or “Tyrion Lannister” tags :))

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