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people have already posted their reactions to the Sansa/Tyrion scene, but I need to do it myself, even if I’m repeating them….

It was so amazingly wonderful, I can’t :D 

Some say that what she said was a big “fuck you”, but I don’t see it that way. 

Joffrey called her and she started walking towards him. It was expected of her to go to her king immediately.  But she didn’t. She made a few steps towards Joffrey and then she stopped. And she turned back, she looked at Tyrion and she told him “I pray for your safe return, my lord.” In that second, she was honest. She didn’t want him to go battle without telling him she appreciates him. My wonderful, wonderful Sansa. 

And, of course, Tyrion is so surprised to hear that. It’s not only that she is a Stark hostage in his Lannister house, it’s more than that. She is a beautiful young woman and she is being kind to him. No woman in his entire life was ever kind to him, unless he paid her to be kind. So that gentleness really comes as a surprise and he is like “Will you?” 

And in this moment Sansa is again extremely aware of her surroundings. You can see Joffrey entering the frame, just behind her, you can actually see Joffrey on the screen. And she realizes that this little moment of honesty was over, that she must love and obey the king, so she adds “Just as I pray for the king’s”. 

And she turns her back and continues walking towards Joffrey. And Tyrion looks at her and you can see all the emotions on his face… He is not offended or anything, he actually admires her. Because he understood what she did and why she did it and the only think he can do is admire her. His face is priceless. 

I can’t….. 

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