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I highly value kindness, intelligence and bravery. I live a Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister appreciation life. 99% of the time I post and reblog A Song of Ice and Fire related things.
I like discussions and I am interested in other people’s thoughts. I’ll always treat your opinion with respect, even if I disagree. But if you’re being mean and offensive I’d rather ignore you. If you hate Sansa or Tyrion and you don't accept arguments in their defense, this blog is not your place.

Sansa/Tyrion is my otp and I’ll go down with this ship. If they are not the endgame I’ll die :D

You can always ask me anything. Sometimes I answer really slow, so I'm really sorry in advance. If I don't answer for more than a week though, you should absolutely write me again. Thank you for the understanding!


ivanolix replied to your post: people have already posted their reactions to the Sansa/Tyrion scene, but I need to do it myself, even if I’m repeating them….

Yessssss exactly that! It was the most shippy scene ever, and GRRM wrote it!


I realize that one of the reasons I was so happy with the scene is exactly because GRRM was the one who wrote it. It wasn’t in the books, but he added it. 

He’s a shipper. And I choose to consider this scene as a proof that Tyrion’s “I miss the wife I hardly knew" line in ADWD was about Sansa. 

(Also, I really wish GRRM had written the season premiere. He would have included the line “I am just a little lion, child, and I vow I shall not savage you." But should quit complaining about old stuff.)

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