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When I think about the A Song of Ice and Fire novels in my own head, I usually use an alternative title for each of them:

Book 1 –  Sansa Stark and the Half-Blood Prince

Book 2 –  Sansa Stark: Catching Fire

Book 3 –  Sansa Stark and the Amethyst Stone

Book 4 –   Avengers Disassembled

Book 5 – Tyrion Lannister: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Anonymous asked
Do you,by any chance, know if there will be any more sansa-tyrion scenes in the following episode this season???

That would be a spoiler for anyone who hasn’t read the books. 


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Anonymous asked
Oh my god, can we talk about that flicker of love between Tyrion and Sansa when their hands touched as she gave him the cup?! He looked at her as if she just sprouted angel wings and her eyes... They totally said "I am here with you.."

Yes, absolutely!

I think this kind of sympathy was long overdue.  In the books it happens during their wedding.

People say that Sansa sees Tyrion as another Lannister, but that’s not completely true. She sees him as another victim of the Lannisters. You know how in the books during the wedding she has to kneel before him for the cloaking ceremony. She is too tall and he can’t cloak her. So he gives her a sign that he wants her to kneel. And at first she is thinking “I won’t. Why should I spare his feelings, when no one cares about mine?” And then she hears how Cersei and Joffrey and everyone else are laughing at him, making fun of him. And when she turns around and sees his face, she understands him, she gets that he’s just in another kind of prison. And she kneels for him.

That kind of inner struggle was cut from the wedding ceremony on the show. I can only imagine George Martin didn’t enjoy that. So when he was writing 4x02, he decided to add that scene with the cup. In the books the cup gets under the table and Tyrion goes there and takes it himself. On the show we see Sansa kneeling, taking the cup and giving it to Tyrion. That small scene, written by GRRM personally, is a significant evidence of how the author sees the relationship between these two characters. They are not enemies, they are not even indifferent, they are allies, they help each other and give each other comfort when they can. They care about each other. And it’s not based on passion or lust, as with so many of the relationships in the series, but on mutual understanding, sympathy and kindness. I believe this is the foundation of the truest love possible. Remember when Cat was talking about her love with Ned in season 2:

“Your father didn’t love me when we married. He hardly knew me, or I him. Love didn’t just happened to us, we build it slowly over the years, stone by stone… For you, for your brothers and sisters; for all of us. It’s not as exciting as a secret passion in the woods, but it is stronger, it lasts longer.”

I will go down with this ship. Always and forever. 

yes, I’m alive

… but just barely after this week’s episode.

The moment when Sansa stood up and gave Tyrion the cup was the most emotional scene in the whole show for me. Because in that instant he wasn’t another Lannister to her, he was another victim of the Lannisters, just like herself. 

Thank you, George Martin, for writing this. 

And the last words she ever spoke to him were “Can we leave now?” 

I’ll never be okay with that.


I want her, he realized. I want Winterfell, yes, but I want her as well, child or woman or whatever she is. I want to comfort her. I want to hear her laugh. I want her to come to me willingly, to bring me her joys and her sorrows and her lust.

Sansa Stark Meme - 3/3 Relationships // Sansa and Tyrion

pplwkp asked
how many eps do you think we'll get of sansa/tyrion being married before PW? 4?

I honestly have no idea…

If they follow the books, there should be 2 or 3 episodes. But things in the tv show are getting too different already.

Jaime and Brienne have arrived already. This means Breinne has already found Sansa. This changes things. Also, the situation with Shae is different, I’ve posted about this last week.

But, most importantly, this:



Who is sitting on the right end of the shot? Are that Olenna and Sansa? Will Sansa be present when Tyrion is taken? This… this really changes things. Will she see him being arrested for a crime he didn’t commit? What if she’s there during his trial, what if she sees how Tyrion refused to put any blame on her, even when it could actually help him? 

I hope we’ll get at least 5 or 6 episodes before they are separated in different ends of the world…

'I am loyal to King Joffrey, my one true love,' Sansa says, after Joffrey has had her beaten in public. Though she delivers the words with trembling and cringing sincerity before Joffrey, her words here have more than a touch of cold sarcasm when repeated to Tyrion. 'Lady Stark, you may survive us yet,' Tyrion observes (2.4). Like him, she knows when to keep silent and when to mouth off - when to lose her dignity and when to reclaim it. Like Tyrion, she's learned to survive in a world without allies.

Valerie Estelle Frankel, Winning the Game of Thrones (via secretlyatargaryen)